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 Horses/ Equine  


Stabled Horse (Am and/ or Pm). Up to 2 visits daily per set rate:

  • Animal check
  • Turn out and / or bring in to be discussed
  • Muck out stable
  • Fill hay nets/ rack
  • Stable water change/check
  • Feed as required
  • Turn or change rug
  • Pick out feet and apply dressing
  • Quartering
  • Field check( if turning out) to be discussed
  • Field water change/ check( if turning out)
  • And of course a bit of TLC


Field Kept Horse (AM and/ or Pm). Up to 2 visits daily per set rate:

  • Animal check
  • Quartering if required
  • Pick out feet and apply dressing  
  • Turn or change rug
  • Water check/change
  • Field check to be discussed
  • Skip out field  (Max 20 mins per  day per up to 2 equines)
  • Hay (as required)
  • Feed  (as required)
  • And of course a bit of TLC


Other Equine s  ( e.g Donkeys / Mules living out  (AM  and / or PM):

  • Animal check
  • Turn or change rug (if required)
  • Pick out feet
  • Water check/change
  • Field check to be discussed
  • Skip out field  ( Max 20 mins per day per up to 2 equines)
  • Hay (as required)
  • Feed (as required)
  • And of course a bit of TLC


Standard Grooming  (per  hourly rate):

  • Bring in / turn out available, to be discussed
  • Body brushing
  • Mane/ tail and/ or feathers brushing ( and pulling)
  • Pick out feet, washed if required and apply dressing 
  • Full Body check
  • Coat shine applied (if requested)


Full Grooming  (per hourly rate):

  • As above plus  hosedown and shampoo


Vet/Farrier etc visit ( per hourly rates):

  • Bringing in / turn out or stabled,  to be discussed
  • Meeting vet, farrier etc at agreed  arrival time 
  • Settling of bills if monies provided (if required)



Othe Large Animals 


Livestock visit (e.g. Cattle/ sheep etc):


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If you are unable to find the service you require please contact us and we will be happy to discuss other options

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